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Theater, Radio and Film
Do you know someone in recovery who is doing something inspirational in the creative arts, particularly in theater, radio or film? We are looking for personal interviews and stories, 1000-1200 words in length, sharing their stories and accomplishments. We are especially interested in narratives that evoke emotion and make connections to larger themes such as homelessness, returning veterans, new careers, interesting solutions to old problems, women’s issues, etc. Deadline February 1, 2015.


November 2014 Gala — Editor, Janet A. Hopkins and copyeditors, Barbara Schuderer, Becca Fields and Peggi Bird

Collegiate Recovery Communities
Know of any collegiate recovery programs that really work? We’d love some insider stories or narratives with the personal touch. Were you a part of such a program – what worked, what didn’t? How did it enhance (or detract from) both your recovery and your college experience? Did you get sober in college? What kind of support was available for your recovery, or was there any? Deadline February 1, 2015.

Alanon/Family/Adult Children
Did you grow up an alcoholic family? Have you learned in Alanon something you’d like to tell others about? Are you living with an addicted person now? Tell us your story in a 900-1200 word narrative. Deadline May 1, 2015.

Are you a 12 Step Newcomer?
Are you a newcomer to the Twelve Step programs? Do you have an interesting story about being a newcomer? How about some tips and tools for the newcomer? Share your story or information in a 900-1200 word narrative. Deadline May 1, 2015.

I hope to hear from you!

Janet A. Hopkins, Editor

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