A Letter to my Disease

By Jana Greene

2014-11-Greene-A_LetterDear Alcohol,

I know I have had a hard time letting you go, but I feel I must remind you – I have God on my side.
You may have genetic advantages, and plenty of opportunities to tempt me, and social acceptance, but those things pale in comparison to the Almighty God.

I have friends, too. Powerful friends. Friends who have fought you for a long time and WIN, day by day.
Friends who care about me, just as strongly as you wanted to destroy me.

I have the “steps,” the “statements,” and most importantly, scripture to pray –
And those help keep you at bay, too.

I thought you were my closest friend. I counted on you!
You lied and deceived, and this I cannot forget.

I know you for who you are, now.
I know you are there, waiting to destroy, still. Willing to play the part of friend,
While you decimate my health, my relationships, and my spirit.

But therein lies my advantage.
I know you are there, and I recognize your voice.
I don’t deny you, but I do despise you.

You will never take me alive, and you will not cause me to die.
You had your try at me, and through Jesus Christ and His saving grace,
I am victorious.
It is finished, one day at a time, by that same Saving Grace.

I have God on my side.

Jana Greene is a Jesus freak, wife, mother, recovering alcoholic, author and blogger at http://thebeggarsbakery.com. In 2001, she surrendered her will to Jesus and is still surrendering it on a daily basis. She writes to let others know where to find the Bread of Life. She lives with her husband, daughters and kitty cats in North Carolina.

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