The Road to Providence

By Robert Milton Ingram

On the road to Providence
a pastoral hill shades
a pristine little country pond
cradled among the maple trees.

One crisp October morning
on my way to class
I cross that hill and gasp
at the fire skating
across the placid pond
in flames of red and yellow and gold.

I pull my car
to the side of the road,
find a comfortable spot on the grass,
and replenish my soul
with the incomparable majesty
and mystery of nature.

When I wake from my trance,
hours have passed.
I have not made it
to class this day,
but I have found
the road to Providence.

Robert Milton Ingram is a writer of fiction, non-fiction, song lyrics, and music as well as poetry. His poems have appeared in Harbinger Asylum and From One Sphere to Another: Best of Harbinger Asylum 2010-2012 (Dustin Pickering, ed.). Most of his songs and a couple of his poems can be found at

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