Letter from the Editor: Winter 2014

By Janet A. Hopkins

Winter – wait, wasn’t it summer just a moment ago? It’s probably my age, but it sure seems like the seasons are flying by. The holidays are already upon us!

I remember my first sober holiday season. My recovery started at the beginning of the usual round of parties. I wasn’t sure how I would make it through all these gatherings without a drink; it never occurred to me NOT to go to the parties. I won the door prize at the first party – an expensive bottle of whiskey. As I stood there, bottle in hand, I felt myself at a crossroad – and turned to quickly hand the bottle to my still-drinking friend mumbling an explanation. I later celebrated my first sober Christmas as an adult. Despite that bottle of whiskey, I’ve stayed sober ever since.

Janet A. Hopkins and Seth Born.

Janet A. Hopkins and Seth Born.

Our winter issue celebrates the service of our country’s veterans with a special focus on veterans in recovery. I learned of the great price many of our vets have paid in service of our country. Kudos to the brave men and women whose stories are depicted.

December is typically a month of reflection and introspection – a perfect time to take stock of the past. I’ve felt a surge of gratitude for the talent and inspiration of our writers who keep the magazine fresh and interesting.

I have also felt deep gratitude for our volunteers and friends who faithfully show up for each issue. We provide support to one another through the mistakes, deadlines and long days of designing, layout, editing and proofing. I couldn’t do my job without the help and guidance from our Senior Copyeditor, Becca Fields, and copyeditors, Peggi Bird, Barbara Schuderer and Seth Born. They make our “edit parties” a social event, complete with food, laughter and dancing.

I hope you feel part of our In Recovery community. Although we approach the world through the lens of recovery, our primary focus is on the everyday people we encounter. We share their inspiring accomplishments in recovery, which enhance their lives and the lives of those around them. We offer you a chance to explore recovery from someone else’s perspective – from Bill Wuest’s moving interview with Rob Ziarnick in the Peer-to-Peer column to Connally Perry’s Better Boxes to C. Johnson’s heartbreaking A Dog’s Tale.

As you read this issue, we also invite you to share your perspective with us – whether in an online comment, through a photo, with a story submission or via social media. Please let us know how you see and do recovery. Whether or not you realize it, your story – it’s yours to tell – just might inspire someone else to try something new or to try recovery again.

We keep the magazine going with the help of our sponsors, advertisers and subscribers. Please consider an advertisement, investment or subscription. We’re all just regular people doing something we love to do and we’d like to keep it going!

Until March,
Janet A. Hopkins
Editor in Chief
In Recovery Magazine

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