Rez Riders

By Arnie Kahn

The Rez Riders are an All Nations Indian motorcycle club with both male and female full patch holders. The club, in existence in Arizona since 2008, is a non-profit corporation in good standing with the State of Arizona. Our organization is self-supporting through donations and merchandise sales of t-shirts, hats and bandanas. Almost half of the Rez Riders membership has served in the armed forces. They support various Native Veterans events throughout different Indian Nations.

We are a clean and sober, family-oriented club. The club’s general membership is comprised of hundreds of years of combined addiction recovery. We ride our iron horses to provide role models and carry the message of the destructiveness of drugs and alcohol on the reservations to Native youth.


The Rez Riders foster a family environment of Native people dedicated to motorcycle riding and supporting them through charitable acts. We are a brotherhood and sisterhood of All Nations who love to ride the iron horses of modern times. We believe in our culture and work towards living in the good red way of our people – always remembering the price our relatives paid so we can live free. Free to express ourselves, free to unite and free to carry on the old teachings. Our native teachings advise the coming generations that we have a right to practice our ways and that no one can deny us this privilege.

We attend and support Native American pow-wows, baseball teams and other events such as the Hopi Boxing Team and the Miss Hopi, 1st Attendant’s end of reign event for Native American children with special needs. In 2012, the club had $10,000 worth of medical supplies donated to them, which we in turn donated to the Hopi Reservation in Tuba City, Arizona. For the past four years, the Rez Riders have collected gifts from Restoration Ministries and donated those gifts to the 90 residents of a nursing home in Sacaton, Arizona, home of the Gila River Indian Community.

Many of the Rez Rider members practice traditional ceremonies with several being water-pourers and fire-keepers for various sweat lodges. Others are sun dancers and gourd dancers. The club president is a Northern Traditional Dancer. The Rez Riders do not condone domestic violence or child abuse. Many of their children accompany them to the events they attend.

Creation has given us the duty to watch over our Earth Mother and to practice our language and ways to keep alive the very essence of who we are as indigenous two-leggeds. We carry this message as we ride, united as one, to different fires throughout America and abroad as we build friendships, meet new family and share the spirit of life with other circles.

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