Recovery Tech: Five Ways Technology can Help your Recovery

By Ashley Loeb

The holiday season is upon us . . . and so is the stress of family, shopping and holiday preparations. For those of us in recovery, it can be particularly difficult to place self-care at the top of our to-do list.

However, what makes us different from people who are not in recovery is that we cannot afford to become complacent. The question then becomes, “How do I practice vital recovery self-care during the holidays?” Here are five ways technology can help your recovery.

1. Apps: There are many new smartphone applications geared toward recovery. Some of the best Twelve Step apps include 12 Step Companion, 12 Steps Speakers and e-AA. For exercise accountability, try Gym Pact, Nexercise and Sworkit. You can also employ a fitness tracker like FitBit or the UPBand. For a recovery coaching app, check out Lionrock Recovery’s Base Camp app. These are just a few of the apps available. You can find more by doing an online search for “recovery and accountability apps.”

2. Video-conference with sponsor, sponsees or a mentor: With crazy holiday schedules and travel, the holidays are a great time to use video-conferencing to meet with your sponsor or sponsees; to work the steps; to ask for direction; to run an idea by a mentor; or just to visit with members of your recovery support network from wherever you happen to be.


3. Relapse prevention treatment online via video-conference: If you are feeling you might relapse or if you have relapsed, now you can seek professional treatment for addiction online. You can meet with a therapist for weekly individual and group sessions from wherever you are by simply clicking a link. Search “relapse prevention treatment online” to find other available options.

4. Online Twelve Step meetings: Many people don’t realize there are online Twelve Step meetings conducted via video-conference. There is no excuse to miss a meeting! If you are traveling or just really busy and can’t make a meeting in person, you can connect remotely with others in recovery. Check out for more information on meetings. Search “online Twelve Step meetings” for more online meeting options.

Ashley Loeb

Ashley Loeb

5. PICK UP THE PHONE! Picking up the phone and calling another alcoholic or addict may seem outdated when compared to some of the other options available to us now, but it’s the most tried and true recovery resource available. If downloading an app, video-conferencing with a sponsor or sponsee, getting professional treatment online or attending an online Twelve Step meeting aren’t possibilities for you, then just pick up the phone and call someone in recovery!

Ashley Loeb grew up in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom. She is a cofounder of a tech startup called Lionrock Recovery, a Joint Commission accredited, online substance abuse treatment center. In recovery herself, Loeb is passionate about sharing her experience, strength and hope with others. While she enjoys what she describes as “a life beyond her wildest dreams,” Loeb lives in Southern California with her fiancé and two large dogs.

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