Your Destiny Awaits

by Jana Greene

Your Destiny Awaits by Jana Greene


A long time ago, when I was a new human being, I decided I wanted to go places. As I grew up, I came to realize that I could not merely transport myself to the place called “Happy Destiny”; I would need a vehicle. I made up my mind to take the fastest route there.

My transportation needed to be sleek and smart enough to get me around in unfamiliar places; it needed to know where I was going because I had no clue. Fast modes of transportation are fun for awhile, aren’t they? “Wheeee! I’m headed for Happy and nobody is going to stop me!”

The vehicle I chose was alcohol, and that choice led to addiction. For many years, alcohol fueled the fast rattletrap that took me everywhere and oiled all the bothersome, squeaky parts. It never really took me to Happy, of course; although I saw tons of directional signs indicating that I was getting close. It always started off in the right general direction, promising to get me where I needed to go, but it eventually lost its way every single day.

Sometimes it took me to places that could pass for Happy if I squinted really hard and was in pretty deep denial. Sometimes it got me worse than lost, landing me in neighborhoods of darkness and despair. It even tried to kill me a few times.

Every night as I lay my head down to sleep or to a blackout, I swore I would never ever ride in that vehicle again. Never. Never. Never. Yet every new morning, I stepped into the same means of transport, chiding it to remember the way this time and take me to Happy. “My destiny awaits!” I would tell it, every single day; but it couldn’t hear me over the bravado of its own engine. I was so cocky, so confident that I was calling the shots, though nothing was further from the truth.

If you choose not to disembark from your addiction, accept that your vehicle only seats one; it’s a lonely mode of transportation. Many will be crushed under your wheels as you self-destruct, but you will sit by yourself as your disease progresses.

If you choose not to disembark from your addiction, you will also miss all the breathtaking sights. If you do manage to see in your addiction, you will most likely not remember what you saw.

If you choose not to disembark, you will continue to delude yourself that you and your addiction know The Way. “Wheee! I’m headed for destruction and nobody can stop me!”

Nobody could stop me from drinking – except me – backed by the power of God Himself. Nobody can stop you from using either, except you. Our mistake was in choosing alcohol as our vehicle in the first place, and choosing to get into it every day while expecting it to take us to a different place. That, folks, is the very definition of insanity; the drinking and using life led only to destruction.

But backed by the most powerful force in the universe and His mighty angels, the gates of Hell itself cannot prevail against your recovery. Suddenly you have the power to get out of that vehicle; you realize there is a handle on the door. You might have to feel around for it. You might mash a few buttons or accidentally pull a couple of wrong levers, but that’s okay.

Ahhhhh, there’s the handle! You may feel you aren’t powerful enough to pull it; but I promise you are. Don’t worry about what happens when you open the door to step out; the future is nothing to fear.

Is your life not slowing down enough for you to step out? Then open the door and jump out. It will be the first of many incredible, supernatural feats of faith you will employ. You will be caught.

By choosing my Higher Power to fuel my journey and surrounding myself with others who want to arrive at Happy, I love the trip to my new destiny.

God is okay with the rattles and squeaks in my spirit. He isn’t bothered by them in the least and He’s not concerned about getting to Happy the fastest way possible.

I had to kick a few tires before I chose my new transportation, but that’s okay, too. There is a huge learning curve in this recovery life. I’ve learned that it isn’t about arriving at my destination all in one piece, but it is about experiencing the journey in One Peace.

I am a new human being again, with places to go, people to see, things to do. I don’t even entertain thoughts of my old ways and means; they took me nowhere but down. They had no part in getting me to Happy.

Today I ask God every day to direct me in all I do. I take the time to stretch my traveler’s legs. I gather with others who, like me, are on the way to Happy; and I don’t forget to enjoy the views.

My destiny awaits. So does yours.

Jana Greene is a Jesus freak, wife, mother, recovering alcoholic, author and blogger at The Beggars Bakery. In 2001, she surrendered her will to Jesus and still surrenders on a daily basis. She writes to let others know where to find the Bread of Life. She lives with her husband, daughters and kitty cats in North Carolina.


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