The Authors’ Café

by Catherine Townsend-Lyon

The Authors’ Café by Catherine Townsend-Lyon


I recently caught up with my good friend and author, Roger Stark, a licensed addiction counselor for the State of Washington and founder of Waterfall Concept, located in Vancouver, Washington. Roger writes exceptional addiction/recovery books. So far, he has two books under his belt.

Roger’s most recent book, Reclaiming Your Addicted Brain, was released in June 2016. Written with coauthor, Irwin Morse, this book chronicles the story of George, a man in recovery from alcohol and sex addiction. Clinical notes and commentary appear throughout the story, helping the reader to better understand the baffling disease of addiction. Addicts often report they are able to see their own behaviors more clearly when manifested in someone else. For me, George’s story and misadventures created many “aha” moments of understanding.

This is a “how-to” book. As George presents his “legs of a stool” analogy, eloquently describing the steps to recovery, a clinician’s voice adds step-by-step directions on how to gain the necessary skills for a successful recovery.

In addition to his recent book, Roger Stark conducts Reveille, Awaken to Recovery mini-camps for those who have struggled to find healing or have experienced treatment failure in their recovery process. His motto? “Bring your desire to change; we will show you how.” These mini-camps were inspired by his manual for addicts, entitled Waterfall Concept: A Blueprint for Addiction Recovery.

When he isn’t counseling clients or writing books, Roger loves to travel and enjoy the sights and cultures of the world with Susan, his wife of 45 years. They are also avid geocaching fans.

I also connected with a new recovery friend and first-time author, Sybil Paige (Paige DePonte), a recent resident of Hawaii via Malibu, California. I was anxious to tell her how much I enjoyed her book, Nobody’s Girl: An Incredible Story About Finding Freedom, which was released in June 2016.  

This book is a work of hope. “Whether you have experienced trauma or addiction issues or know someone who has, my book speaks to all of us. We all have experienced painful situations at some point or another. While it deals with some difficult topics, my story is written to engage and focus on the positive outcome profited from doing the hard but necessary work to get to the other side of any painful issues.” Sybil writes in a way that resonates with me on a primordial level. This book is an exceptional read.

Sybil is an award-winning high fashion photographer and filmmaker. She has traveled the globe to create two fine art coffee table books: GAIA I: Journey into Vanishing Worlds and GAIA II: Song of the Vanishing Tribe, which won a publishing award from the Publisher Marketing Association and was nominated for the prestigious Nautilus Award. She has also written, directed and produced two documentaries in Africa, including the award-winning Xai Xai, Voice of Our Ancestors and several music videos. She was noted to be “. . . one of the most exciting new visual artists of the twenty-first century,” by Michael Eric Stein, columnist for the Los Angeles Times and Films in Review.

Today, Sybil continues her conservation and recovery work on her Triple L Ranch in Maui, Hawaii, where she and her children run a burger joint and offer horseback trail rides. She loves the ocean, surfing and riding horses, and she hopes to release another book about living in long-term recovery.


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