Letter from the Editor: Summer 2014

By Janet A. Hopkins

It’s summer already – this year is flying by! On the first of May, David and I returned to our little cabin in the woods in Prescott, AZ. It was hard to leave the beautiful blue waters of St. Petersburg, FL, but not the rising summer humidity and heat!

A plethora of amazing articles dropped from the sky …

and landed in my inbox just in time to delight our readers. From the deeply moving Nevermore by Donald George McDonald to the thought-provoking commentaries on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman by Michael Carolan and Jana Greene, from the informative articles by our regular contributors Sheryle Cruse and Terry Shulman to the discussions about anonymity and AA by Leonard Buschel and LinMarie D., enjoyable articles about sober travel, and more, this issue is sure to please!

Janet, Annabelle, and Lexie, May 2014

Janet, Annabelle, and Lexie, May 2014

Inspiring, informative new columns!

In Recovery Magazine columnists continue their efforts to deliver new information, answers, books and recipes to our recovery table. Bill W., a gifted writer, brings his life experiences to bear on the concerns of the dually-diagnosed addict and/or alcoholic with his first contribution in an on-going series of personal reflections, interviews and round table discussions called From Peer-to-Peer. Known as Delaware’s Premiere Sex Therapist, “Dr Deb” Liano inaugurates her first column with an inspiring look at creativity.

Hope springs eternal…

I enjoyed a visit from my two granddaughters. It was delightful to see the world through the eyes of these two beautiful young women. I was reminded that recovery runs rampant in my family, and this is really good for kids. Hope springs eternal as together we “ … trudge the Road to Happy Destiny”.

The fall issue of In Recovery Magazine will celebrate our inner children, recovery schools and all things young at heart. if you have an article idea, please let me know. I’d especially love to hear from some teens and young adults out there. The article deadline for the fall issue is June 1, 2014.

Janet A. Hopkins
Editor in Chief
In Recovery Magazine

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