Rule 62 Travel Club

By Melissa McCallum

My name is Melissa, and I am a travel agent and an alcoholic. My husband, David, and I are avid cruisers who love sobriety. We met in the rooms and have been blessed with a wonderful sober life. We love to cruise; it is one of our favorite things to do. When I first sobered up, I found it intimidating to cruise with people who were drinking. David and I found we didn’t have much in common with the people we met on board. As we cruised through the years, we attended Twelve Step meetings onboard the various ships; there were many times when only one other person showed up.

This got David and me thinking. Were there others out there who weren’t doing exciting things like cruising because of the drinking associated with cruising?

Rule 62 Travel Club

We decided to start the Rule 62 Travel Club cruising venue for people in recovery. Rule 62 Travel Club was born out of the Rule 62 in the rooms, “Don’t take yourself so seriously”. We take that to heart. Our travel club provides the ability to travel with other sober people and share meetings and other activities while on board and ashore. David and I do all the planning. Part of our service includes finding shipboard meeting space, organizing activities and planning the excursions. Just show up, have a blast and enjoy the comfort of sailing with a sober group.

Our trips are a “group thing”. We have dinners together and meetings onboard in private areas reserved just for our group. We do fun activities such as scavenger hunts, 70s dances and other activities which are just pure silliness. Some of our travelers join our port and land excursions, enjoying adventures such as zip lining, city tours, snorkeling, beach outings and, of course, visiting local AA meetings.

Our sober group cruises are aboard the ocean liners of major cruise companies, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Holland America and Norwegian. We have cruised to the Bahamas and all over the Caribbean. Our first Alaskan cruise took place this past May. Next year we plan to branch out with a trip along the northeastern US to enjoy the fall foliage.

I have made many friends over my years of sober sailing. These friendships have lasted far beyond the last day of our cruises together. The young and young at heart, from 17 to 82 years old, have enjoyed amazing travel experiences with us – experiences full of laughter, fun and fellowship. Each trip has something for everyone. Our common bond makes cruising an even more enjoyable experience.

Come join us as we sail the seas in sobriety!

Melissa and David McCallum may be contacted by email at or via their website They may be reached by phone at: 352.563.0307 or toll free at 866.765.4264

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