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Robin Williams

It was only weeks before that I had offhandedly posted on Facebook about his June treatment in rehab. Go, Robin! I think I wrote. Go, Robin – get well! [ ... ]

05/19/2015 // 2 Comments

Why ‘the closet’ is no place for addiction

Closets are for shoes and jackets and unused scuba gear. They are for cramming clutter into when company arrives, and storing cardboard boxes full of unused stuff. A closet is a room for what we put [ ... ]

02/03/2015 // 1 Comment

But, it’s Superbowl Sunday!

Special occasions. Years ago, while my alcoholism was still in “active” mode, special occasions were drinking occasions. Holidays were especially so, although toward the end . . . so were [ ... ]

01/11/2015 // 1 Comment

A Christmas Carol Redux

In the Twelve Steps of Recovery, my Higher Power gave to me . . . There is something cool about the number “twelve.” It makes me think of the number of recovery steps; a dozen fresh, hot [ ... ]

12/24/2014 // 0 Comments

A Letter to my Disease

Dear Alcohol, I know I have had a hard time letting you go, but I feel I must remind you – I have God on my side. You may have genetic advantages, and plenty of opportunities to tempt me, and [ ... ]

11/20/2014 // 0 Comments

When Recovery Means Saying Goodbye

Goodbyes are hard. They are hard enough when made seamlessly – a Bon Voyage before a long trip, planned and executed with love and attention to detail. Goodbye is difficult, even under the best [ ... ]

10/22/2014 // 3 Comments