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Recovery is the subject of countless books, blogs, films, CDs and apps. Below are some titles worth a look. If you would like us to include your books, blogs, films, CDs or apps in this column, please contact

The Bookstand: Healing the Wounds of Childhood

Healing the Wounds of Childhood (Don St. John, Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2015). This book is an inspiring story of the author’s ability to transcend a traumatic childhood and an exploration of [ ... ]

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The Bookstand: The Creative High

The Creative High (Adriana Marchione, Documentary, 2017) This is the second film by director Adriana Marchione. Her first film, “When the Fall Comes,” is a stunning portrait of a personal grief [ ... ]

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The BookStand: The Grace of Gratitude Journal

The BookStand: The Grace of Gratitude Journal is unique, makes a precious gift and helps remind readers to journal everything to be grateful for, large and small. This journal is filled with full [ ... ]

08/21/2016 // 0 Comments

The BookStand: Breaking Through Betrayal

Breaking Through Betrayal (Holli Kenley, Loving Healing Press, 2nd edition 2016). The author addresses the pain of relapse as a form of self-betrayal. In new chapters, readers will connect with the [ ... ]

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The BookStand: Grateful Not Smug

Grateful Not Smug (Mike L., self-published on Amazon, 3rd printing 2013). This little book is a collection of beautiful and uplifting daily recovery meditations for those working a Twelve Step [ ... ]

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The BookStand: Enemy

Enemy (Richie Supa, 2016). This full-length album contains the original recovery works written and produced by Richie Supa, including two Prism Award winning tracks. Enemy will take you on a journey [ ... ]

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BookStand: Marijuana Debunked

Marijuana Debunked (Ed Gogek, MD, innerQuest, 2015). Marijuana subtly damages the teenage brain and causes lifelong problems, yet four million teens in the US and Canada use the drug; and both [ ... ]

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BookStand: How to Conquer Your Alcoholism

How to Conquer Your Alcoholism (D.H. Williams, Amazon, 2015). If you or your loved one has tried rehab, Twelve Step programs or other methods to break the hold of alcoholism, but nothing has worked [ ... ]

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