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Want a radical recovery? Want to be happy, joyous and free? The In Recovery Magazine Blog is about helping you successfully find your way to the Promises. It’s the recovery help you need. Now. To [ ... ]

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The Last Stop: Recovery Resources

Have you ever been faced with a question about recovery – vendors, programs, who to use, what to use, what to buy, where to go – only to find yourself bewildered, confused or unable to find what [ ... ]

02/20/2017 // 0 Comments

A Broken Record

A Broken Record by Shane Ramer   Being a musician is my deepest passion. Early on, I realized that being a rocker pretty much meant you could do or say whatever the hell you wanted, which was [ ... ]

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Gratitude: A Practice of Happiness

Gratitude: A Practice of Happiness by Laura O’Reilly Gratitude is a practice of cultivating happiness by taking the time to appreciate and be present for all of life’s blessings. It’s [ ... ]

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Memo from God

Memo from God by Mark Masserant   I arrived at St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center in Detroit, Michigan, on a warm, sunny, late spring weekend in 1991. My sponsor had suggested I attend the [ ... ]

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The Authors’ Café

The Authors’ Café by Catherine Townsend-Lyon   I recently caught up with my good friend and author, Roger Stark, a licensed addiction counselor for the State of Washington and founder of [ ... ]

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Meditation: Want a Bite?

Meditation: Want a Bite? by Mike Lyding In our Twelve Step program, we get to literally uproot ourselves, remove ourselves from infertile ground, and choose the best garden in which to grow. “I’m [ ... ]

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More Than My Fair Share

More Than My Fair Share When I first found sobriety, I was told I had the disease of addiction and was therefore an “addict.” This made sense to me, and it helped to alleviate a lot of the guilt [ ... ]

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AA Mutuality: Fellowship + Program

AA Mutuality: Fellowship + Program    Some agnostic and atheist members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) tend to focus upon the Fellowship as a principle means of recovery while dismissing the [ ... ]

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Sober Celebrating

Sober Celebrating The holidays are supposed to be a time of celebration and comfort; but more often than not, they stir up difficult memories and remind us what we’re lacking: companionship, love, [ ... ]

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From the CEO: The Tipping Point

Addiction is a disease. Unfortunately, that truth still does not resonate with most Americans. All too frequently, society blames the person, not the illness. In turn, the addict, powerless to [ ... ]

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It Gets Way More Better

It Gets Way More Better   “Keep coming back; it works if you work it.” I first heard these words of advice and encouragement in a meeting. They were directed toward those of us who were new [ ... ]

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Steppin’ Out Radio

Steppin’ Out Radio   Sometimes it seems that sadness and disappointment permeate our society. This is particularly true for people struggling with addiction. Substance abuse and other serious [ ... ]

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You are not Alone

You are not Alone    Dear Julie, Saturday, I went running by Cardinal Lake and thought of you and your funeral the next day. It was dusk and the wind was picking up across the lake. Earlier [ ... ]

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Crosstalk by Mollé CrossTalk is based on the premise that recovery life is polytely: frequently complex problem-solving situations characterized by the presence of not one, but several endings. This [ ... ]

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Afraid to Live

Afraid to Live   After so many struggles in my life – war, broken relationships, a failed marriage, depression and homelessness – I gave myself an excuse to become someone I did not want to [ ... ]

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Serving Underrepresented Populations

Serving Underrepresented Populations by Joe C. This past October, Minneapolis (aka, Minne-sober), Minnesota, hosted the annual NAADAC conference. The conference theme was, “Embrace Today, Empower [ ... ]

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Life Beyond My Wildest Dreams

Life Beyond My Wildest Dreams by William G. Borchert   Recovering alcoholics have often likened the path to sobriety to finding “a life beyond our wildest dreams.” While this is true for [ ... ]

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Your Destiny Awaits

Your Destiny Awaits by Jana Greene   A long time ago, when I was a new human being, I decided I wanted to go places. As I grew up, I came to realize that I could not merely transport myself to [ ... ]

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